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Give Yourself Options with Temporary Work

The average person will change careers - never mind jobs - five times in his or her lifetime. Working for a staffing firm allows you to experience multiple industries, companies and careers you might never have thought of trying - without a long-term commitment.

Temporary work allows you to work when and where you choose. You can work full-time or part-time. Take a summer off. Work just three or four days a week. Fit your schedule around college classes. Learn the lay of a new city before jumping into permanent employment.

Besides flexibility, there's an enticing variety of work. One assignment might have you working for an information technology company, the next for a medical supply firm. The choices are endless, and the choice to make a commitment is in your hands. You build your resume and networking contacts meanwhile. You can even build your skills in our office with MS Office training, or create a resume.

Build a Bridge to a Permanent Job

There are so many job boards and listings advertised that you could read through them all day. But can you really learn anything about the work environment and the reason for the opening by reading just a few lines? Or what about the opportunities that are not listed? And how will you stand out among the many others who might be applying for the same opening? Including us in your job search means that you have the answers to those questions.

At Personnel Partners, candidates' files are handled by experienced and certified professionals who know the local job market and pride themselves on the number of referrals from satisfied placements. If we say that a candidate and a job opening are likely to be a good fit - after more than 20,000 successful placements, we are usually right! On any given week, more than half of the openings in our database represent clients ultimately looking for a new team member.

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